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Packing Tips

  • Get plenty of packing supplies in time - You will need lots of packing materials, no matter how small your house

    is its in transit can supply you with boxes, removal crates and all the packing materials you will need.

  • You will need a variety of packing materials - Use strong sturdy boxes of different sizes, use bubble wrap and

    newspaper for fragile items.Remember tape, scissors and a marker pen is essential. Wardrobe boxes and mattress

    bags are also very useful.

  • Make an inventory - Keep track of what you are putting into each box and remember to label them, this makes it easier

    to know which room the boxes belong in and makes unpacking so much easier as there is nothing worse than looking in

    every box for the kettle as it hasn't been marked. 

  • Organize the packing - A single packing box should ideally contain similar items, try to fill a box with items from

    the same room and pack one room at a time. Think about your new home and pack accordingly, it is crucial to label

    every box.

  • Select the right size - Try to pack heavier items such as books and canned food in smaller boxes, and lighter items

    in larger boxes. Avoid loading more than 50 pounds into one box as always remember you have to lift it once moved

  • How to pack boxes - Heavier items should always bee placed at the bottom and lighter items on top to prevent damage.

    Use paper and bubble wrap for fragile items and wrap everything individually. Fill boxes but do not overfill them,

    underfilled cartons can crush when other boxes are placed on top of them. Close every box and seal with tape

    remembering what is in them so you can label the box. 

  • Personal boxes and essential items - Every person should pack a box with general essential items, like snacks, 

    cleaning supplies, bed sheets that you will need right away. This box should be loaded last and unloaded first. 

  • Keep personal items with you - Do not pack official documents, passport, driving licenses, birth certificates, financial

    documents, cash and jewellery. Keep these items with you, as they are not easily replaceable.

  • What not to pack - Hazardous, flammable and explosive materials should never be packed as it is dangerous and illegal

    for movers to transport them. Dispose of these safely, perishable items, such as plants and perishable food should not

    be moved without prior discussion with your removal firm. If you are moving abroad, check with local legislation, as 

    you might not be able t move everything you could within the UK.


01522 244 155

Domestic & Commercial Removals

throughout the UK and Europe